The Feline Enigma: Why Do Cats Follow You to the Bathroom?

We know it’s pretty awkward to have your little feline friend just tailing around even when you need your private time in the bathroom. Who can concentrate and not resist giving this cute creature the attention it wants with every purr it makes?

Is your little feline friend following you like you’ve grown an extra tail? If you’re a little annoyed about that or find it cute, you can always uncover why your little friend keeps following you around, even to your bathroom.

Could it be a ghost? Or could it be just a little separation anxiety? We know it’s pretty awkward to have your little feline friend just tailing around even when you need your private time in the bathroom. Who can concentrate and not resist giving this cute creature the attention it wants with every purr it makes?

This article discusses why your little feline friend follows you to your bathroom.

The Natural Personality of Cats

Most of the time, your feline exhibits unique traits compared to others. However, here are some of the commonly studied features that they share:


Cats are known to be quite sensitive. They often exhibit symptoms of emotional instability, anger, and irritability. So it’s best not to get on their nerves while they’re at it, or you’ll get love scratches.


Cats love attention, especially when they’re in the mood. Most of the time, they would love to get all the attention and scratches from everyone in the home. They would be purring, sitting before you, and simply rubbing their back on your leg.

Image source: Unsplash


It’s not your typical cartoon where the dog always defeats the cat. It’s almost quite the opposite. Cats, like their relatives, lions, and tigers, often exert their dominance. You often see your cat slapping annoying dogs that are too energetic around them while they are still chilling around, so if your cat is feeling this way, better not get on their nerves.


Is your cat too jumpy, or is their reaction unpredictable or spontaneous? This personality is often shared between cats who feel stressed in their environment. You’ll need to determine what could be causing this so that they can feel relaxed.


Some cats can be easygoing. This means that your cat is happy and satisfied. If they have this personality, maybe at first, it will appear that they’re about to scratch off your dog’s face, but they’re playing around with them. And eventually, your feline and canine will develop a bond that will make them closer.

Image source: Pexels


You’ve probably heard the saying, “Curiosity kills the cat.” However, we won’t be talking about the idiom’s meaning itself. If we take things literally, cats are naturally curious creatures like dogs. However, unlike dogs who bark at a foreign object or animal, the cat taps or touches it. And if you bring them to your bathroom, you’ll also find them playing a game of hide and seek with their reflection in your mirror.


Akin to a dog that seeks the attention of its owners, a cat also wants the same. And they are quite dominating about it. Whether you’re working, playing, or sitting in front of your computer, they’ll lay there on their backs and ask for your attention. They are adorable creatures that also suffer from separation anxiety, like dogs. However, unlike dogs, they demand attention and will follow you anywhere for it. And this explains why they also follow you toward your bathroom as you visit it for nighttime urine.

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Why Does Your Cat Follow You to Your Bathroom?

If you’re a cat fur parent or planning to be one, you must know one thing: once your cat becomes attached to you, it’ll follow you even to the bathroom. The word privacy does not exist in these little critters’ vocabulary.

If Queen Charlotte is willing to stand through the heavens and Earth with King George, these cats will also literally go with you through the heavens and the Earth and even to your private space, and that’s the bathroom. And why do these creatures hang around? Discover why below.

It’s Part of Your Morning Routine

Your cat knows it’s part of your morning routine to eat, drink water, and have a potty session in the bathroom. Like a child, these creatures will also follow what you do daily. And don’t worry about when it does follow you to the bathroom; they will not care about how it smells or how you look. They simply just want to follow you.

They Are Suffering From Separation Anxiety

Although your cat follows you to the bathroom, you’ll need to notice some patterns in their behavior. Are they being aggressively too attached? You’ll need to try independence training, so they can easily cope with not having you around.

Asking for Play Time

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Cats are naturally playful creatures. And the bathroom is simply a place where they can play a lot. Be it your sink, shower curtains, bathroom rug, and more. If they do this often, it just means they simply tell you how they’re bored, and she wants other bonding activities with you.

They Are Hungry

If your cat consistently meows while immediately following you to the bathroom, it could also mean they are hungry. You can easily decipher their action if your cat acts like a diva at most times or is laid back.

A Way to Show Their Love

Cats are unpredictable. Although they can be mean at times, this doesn’t mean that they can’t be lovable as well. That’s why if your cat follows you to the bathroom, this is just a subtle sign of them showing that they love you.

They Sense Something Dangerously Close

We don’t want to spook you out, but animals can easily see certain things beyond our naked eye. That’s why if your cat gets too aggressively close or hisses in an empty direction, they might see something beyond what’s visible to you. Your feline is simply guarding you from what they can sense that’s dangerously close.

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Curious About Your Activity in the Bathroom

Cats can be pretty territorial and curious. That’s why they’ll be curious about what you’re doing there if you take too long in the bathroom.

All in all, these cute little creatures are still adorable. But be prepared, as they will mostly infiltrate your “me” time shamelessly.

Why Do Cats Get Fascinated in Your Bathroom?

To keep things short, cats are obsessed with the idea of water. For them, water coming out of the faucet and the toilet bowl’s whirlpool is something magical.

And although they hate being in the water, they love touching it, drinking from it, or just watching it in fascination.

Another factor that adds to their fascination list in the bathroom is the tissue paper that’s hung on your wall.

So keep your tissues away from your feline if you don’t want to run out of them within a day. After all, like a thread ball, cats love to have fun with this one in your bathroom.

Image source: Unsplash

Tips to Keep Cats Out of Your Bathroom

Although your cat following you to the bathroom is inevitable, there are some tricks to it. Read and apply these tips. And you’re guaranteed to have some peaceful bathroom time.

Distract Them With Food

If they’re hungry and you feed them, your cat would just pay attention to their food. They mostly get cranky without it and will follow you if you don’t give it to them. So fill in their bowls and head towards the bathroom.

Sneak and Dash

Although it’s not advisable since cats are naturally flexible and faster than us if you’re wise enough to distract them for a bit and run to the bathroom, why not? This will help you get the bathroom all to yourself amidst all the meowing outside.

Close the Door

If your cat isn’t paying attention, closing the door is a good practice. That way, they wouldn’t walk in on you later.

Give Them an Independence Training

If your feline has separation anxiety issues, giving them independence training is best. That way, they just mind their business and not follow you to the bathroom. This is very helpful as well if you want to work.

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