Show Your Bathroom Some Love With These Wallpaper Ideas

Floral wallpaper wasn’t a popular staple and was only seen in old fashioned bathrooms that had not been renovated yet. Here we can see rows of florals lining the walls that sit well with the green theme…

Need to transform your bathroom but don’t want to spend too much? You can make the walls look brand new and give them a much-needed face lift with textures, plain or pops of colored wallpaper. These wallpapers are eye-catching and create a whole new environment for your bathing and washing experiences. Wallpaper can work as décor, help you to relax and make you feel like you’re somewhere special when relaxing in the tub.
Here we have picked out the best wallpaper bathroom ideas that create a beautiful atmosphere in each of the bathrooms.

1.A Touch of Cottage Styled Wallpaper

This wallpaper is patterned and colored but doesn’t look overwhelming. It gives the room a light, welcoming feeling. The pale blue refurbished chest of drawers gives you plenty of storage for towels and toiletries without closing the room in. Subtle lighting above the cabinet gives the room a friendly glow with a rustic styled mirror which adds character to the room. a matching gold framed picture above the toilet with a rattan basket for extra storage.

2.Green Floral Wallpaper Bathroom Ideas

Floral wallpaper wasn’t a popular staple and was only seen in old fashioned bathrooms that had not been renovated yet. Here we can see rows of florals lining the walls that sit well with the green theme of the room. The white breaks up the green but still allows for a separate feature. A stainless steel trolley for extra towel storage and a vintage light off to the right of the good sized framed mirror.

3.Dark Background with Bright Florals

At first glance this wallpaper is striking but then when you see it with the bath against it there is just something else it brings to the room like simplicity and cleanliness. The wallpaper matches in well with the navy-blue half wall panels and the bright vivid white bath that stands out in the room. The gold claw feet add a secret dash of class and elegance while the colors in the wallpaper dance around the room.

4.Wallpaper that Appears As Reality

Beautiful wallpaper that stands out greatly but with the generous size of the room there is no doubt it works well within this space. It is wallpaper that appears like your actually there and it allows for the scenes to feel like they are coming off the wall. Perfect for relaxing in the tub and letting yourself disappear to a tranquil area. Picture yourself there. Textured tiles on the floor with a bright white bath so not to complicate anything with the vivid wallpaper. Plenty of light fills this room breaking up the darkness of the wallpaper.

5.Colored Themed Wallpaper

This is a wallpaper that is unique and definitely eye catching. For those who love pops of colour this wallpaper is perfect and makes the room feel happy. The aqua green tiles on the back wall match the flowers on the wallpaper tying it all in together. Gold features work well with the pink shades as does the vintage styled mirror above the sink.

6.Elegant Yet Busy Blue wallpaper

This wallpaper is busy which means you need to be careful what you put in the room. you don’t want to over complicated things. The white framed mirror and the gold toned tapware are simple and don’t make the room look overdone. Red and yellow tulips in a vintage vase is all that’s needed in this room as busy wallpaper can be used as décor to.

7.Polka Dot Pops of Red Bathroom Wallpaper Bathroom Ideas

Another wallpaper that isn’t overwhelming but gives the room character and some splash of colour to brighten up a dull room. Red can be overdone as a solid colour but as polka dots with a white background it completes the room well. White bath and vanity keep things simple with the vintage picture adding some personality to the wall. A plush chair at the vanity is the perfect place to sit and get ready for a special time out.

8.Diamond Patterned Wallpaper

Diamond patterned wallpaper is making a comeback and, in this room, it is used to create a background that appears textured. The beautiful wooden mirror frame is perfect against the wallpaper with the bronze vintage lighting pairing well to. A white standing vanity is small so the old-fashioned table next to the sink offers more storage space to store toiletries and towels. This wallpaper gives the room a homely cottage feel.

9.Patterned Wallpaper in Black and White

Here is a comfortable and relaxing wallpaper that has plenty of texture and patterns going on but it’s still soft and calming. It pairs well with the white vanity and the black tapware to match in. With gold handles and décor you can add some colour to the room and a family photo that gives the room a welcoming feeling that is enjoyed by the whole family. With plenty of storage space on the vanity without overdoing the décor pieces to avoid the cluttered look.

10. Leaf Patterned Wallpaper Bathroom Ideas

A wallpaper that is perfect for coastal bathrooms. It offers smoothness but still gives the room plenty of dancing texture. The navy blue with white is simple yet stands out and becomes a feature. The white wood mirror breaks up the white but gives the space more function. Stainless steel towel ring and tapware matches with the white and navy-blue wallpaper as does the white wall underneath creating a natural look.


There is no doubt all of these wallpapers serve a purpose in each of these rooms, and they can do the same for you. Whether you choose polka dots, patterned leaves or even florals you can transform your walls on a budget to look amazing and eye catching with the wallpaper bathroom ideas. Wallpaper is easy to install and requires no upkeep making it perfect for bus families that want a great care-free option for their bathroom.

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