12 Stylish Large Bathroom Mirror Ideas for a Glamorous Upgrade

When it comes to upgrading a bathroom, mirrors play a crucial role in both aesthetics and functionality. Compared to other decorative items like art and light fixtures, a large bathroom mirror is an avant-garde that helps many achieve their loftiest bathroom design goals.

When it comes to upgrading a bathroom, mirrors play a crucial role in both aesthetics and functionality. Compared to other decorative items like art and light fixtures, a large bathroom mirror is an avant-garde that helps many achieve their loftiest bathroom design goals.

However, choosing a large bathroom mirror idea can be confusing. One must consider the design, color, shape, and style of the mirror and bathroom to achieve a glamorous look. But below are 12 stylish bathroom mirror ideas for inspiration as you design any bathroom space.

1.    The Arched Top Large Mirror Idea

Using an arched-top mirror can be a game-changer for your bathroom aesthetics. Using a perfectly proportioned mirror is ideal if you have a small bathroom with a small vanity.

In this design, match the mirror’s width with the width of your vanity. And match the color of the mirror frame to other art in the bathroom to add a sense of architectural beauty.

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2.   The Double Curvy Mirror Over Two Sink

Another way to elevate the design of a bathroom is with two curvy mirrors hanging over two sinks. This design idea looks incredibly captivating if you have a large built-in vanity.

Rather than going for the conventional single large mirror idea, this design creates a visually appealing focal point when you step into the bathroom. And placing the mirrors in a symmetric location amplifies the sense of balance and harmony.

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3.   The Harmony of Curves Mirror Idea

Say you don’t have a vanity, but a single oval wash basin in your bathroom, hanging a circular mirror will be a great idea. Introducing this mirror idea creates a focal point that exudes style and sophistication. You can even take things a notch higher by adding light fixtures at the sides of the mirror to match the accent in the bathroom. And a little glass shelf under the mirror to keep essentials like perfume, scented candles, and so on.

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4.   The Vertical Tray Mirrors Idea

If you have a floating vanity, you can consider vertical mirrors in your bathroom for a glamorous upgrade. And if you have a large vanity with two wash basins, consider using two vertical mirrors to add a perfect blend of sophistication and functionality. These elongated shaped mirrors with frames that add depth are visually pleasing, accentuating the health of your bathroom.

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5.   Matching Mirror with Vanity Idea

If you have a minimalist bathroom design, adding a framed large bathroom mirror that matches the color of your vanity with a wash basin but no shelves can genuinely transform your bathroom space. The frame can be anything from wood to metal, depending on what suits your bathroom best. But the mirror should stretch from a few inches from the basin to a few inches from the ceiling.

Matching the vanity’s hue with the mirror and walls creates a cohesive, harmonious look and an illusion of spaciousness.

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6.   The Simple Large Horizontal Mirror

Adding a horizontal mirror to your bathroom is an excellent glamorous upgrade that provides ample reflection for multiple users. It is a child-friendly design that complements an elongated built-in vanity, especially one with two wash basins. So, whether you opt for a frameless mirror or add a wooden frame only at the top and bottom of the mirror will elevate your bathroom.

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7.   Matching Mirror with Accents Idea

If you have a bathroom with a wall-mounted washbasin, adding a mirror with a unique frame artistically takes center stage. What truly sets this design apart is when the frame seamlessly blends with the design of the wall, say you have a wallpaper.

In this design idea, the mirror can double as a work of art, reflecting intricate patterns and colors of the wall, transforming your space into a beautiful sanctuary.

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8.   The Frameless Mirror with LED Lighting Idea

Utilizing a frameless mirror with LED lighting is a design idea you can use to embrace modern elegance in your bathroom. Setting this mirror atop a stunning floating wooden vanity creates a sleek and contemporary combination.

This captivating fusion of minimalist design allows you to blend nature and modern elements. The frameless mirror expands the visual boundaries of your room, the LED lighting adds a touch of sophistication, and the wood exudes warmth.

9.   The Large Edge-to-Edge Mirror Idea

Another way to elevate your bathroom is by adding a large mirror over the wash basin that extends to both edges of your wall and up to the ceiling. This mirror design bleeds to the wall making your bathroom look larger even though it’s smaller in the real sense. Adding a color like black or gold at the mirror’s edge to match an element in your bathroom elevates the design.

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10. The Oval Mirror Idea

Another bathroom mirror design idea that needs more credit is the oval mirror. Hanging an oval mirror over your wash basin is a stylish yet playful way to elevate your bathroom design. This design idea is perfect when you have a small bathroom. The best part about this oval is that it goes well with all kinds of décor, from backlighting to hanging light, flower verse, painting, etc.

11.   The Mirror Leaning on Wall Idea

If you want something simple, consider placing a medium-sized mirror on the vanity and leaning it on the wall. Or, if you prefer a larger-sized mirror, consider putting it on the floor and leaning it on the wall. This simple mirror design lets you focus on the real statement in your bathroom, be it a sculpture, painting, marble sink, etc.

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12.  The Horizontal Wooden Frame Mirror Idea

Because you have a double sink doesn’t mean you need double mirrors. You can pick a single large mirror that stretches a considerable length of the vanity for a glamorous upgrade. If you have a floating wooden vanity in your bathroom, adding a large wooden framed mirror highlights the other shimmery design and pops of the grooved drawers and sconces.

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