10 Funny Bathroom Signs To Liven Up The Space

Have you ever asked yourself the question, why are bathroom signs vital? Well, these signs are an adorable and easy way to mark restrooms and inform users about how to use the space. They can also be used as a source of uncountable laughs.

Have you ever asked yourself the question, why are bathroom signs vital? Well, these signs are an adorable and easy way to mark restrooms and inform users about how to use the space. They can also be used as a source of uncountable laughs.

For example, there are many words in English to describe the bathroom. So, rather than sticking to the traditional words, you can spice things up with funny words and pictograms as bathroom signs. Look at this list of creative, funny bathroom signs we’ve compiled to add a sense of humor to any bathroom.

10 Funny Bathroom Signs to Go with

1. Shit’s About To Go Down

Picture this scenario, you walk into a toilet and see a sign with the words “Shit is about to go down,” it will put a smile on your face. This hilarious sign can add a touch of laughter and lightheartedness to the setting. But which position is best for a toilet sign? For a sign like this, placing it a few inches away from the toilet seat, far enough for anyone to read, is perfect.

Whether you are adding this sign to your home bathroom or a commercial space, it is a playful way to elicit chuckles and smiles from all who encounter it.

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2. Farting While Peeing

The person who invented the toilet must have thought far and wide about how to solve human toilet problems. But the inventor of this sign is on the same level of creativity as the inventor of the toilet, humor-wise. Although hilarious, farting while peeing is a common phenomenon many people try to shy away from, especially in a public bathroom. But reading this sign with the words “Don’t be ashamed to fart while peeing” and “Rain sometimes comes with thunder” will make you smile. This sign is a delicate balance that brings out the inner comedian in us all.

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3. Where Your Beer Money Goes

Another fun way to add some humor to your bathroom décor is with this classic beer joke sign. Imagine this scenario, while taking a pee, you see a sign that says, “This is where all your beer money goes,” which will surprise guests with a chuckle.

This clever bathroom sign is a playful reminder that the bathroom is the true destination of that hard-earned money. And with more than a quarter of the population of the US being beer drinkers, this sign is relatable and serves as a playful reminder.

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4. Maybe Swearing Will Help

Are you wondering what décor to use for your bathroom? This sign with the text “Maybe swearing will help” is an unconventional and witty approach to addressing bathroom etiquette.

Sometimes, things don’t go as planned in the bathroom, especially when it is messed up. This sign is a playful twist on the idea that a little expletive adds a touch of lightheartedness to any restroom. Whether you hang it over the toilet in your workplace or a public facility, this sign will bring smiles to anyone who reads it.

5. Creative Ladies and Gentlemen Bathroom Sign

If you want to embrace a whimsical bathroom aesthetic, you need a playful sign. This creative sign placed outside bathrooms adds a touch of humor and charm to the décor. At first glance, it might look like an erotic image, but on close observation, it’s just an image with a bottle and a cocktail glass. The attention to detail, creativity, and easily recognizable icons will surely spark conversation and create a delightful atmosphere for all.

6. Mexican Food Was A Bad Choice

Ever wondered what is the minimum distance between the toilet and the wall? Well, most codes require at least 15 inches. But when you have some Mexican dishes like fiery salsa, or beans and cheese, you might wish there were more to buffer the sounds you will make.
Adding a sign with the text “Mexican food was a bad choice” can add a touch of humor to your bathroom. This is relatable to many people who have had a toilet emergency after a Mexican dish.

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7. I Like Big Butts

Walking into a bathroom to find an art print with the words “I like big butts, and I cannot lie” will make you laugh. It’s a hilarious toilet roll joke that cleverly plays with words to add a touch of humor.

Whether you are a fan of witty puns or want to ease the tension of people using your toilet, this sign is the perfect addition. With this statement piece in your bathroom, don’t be surprised your friends leave your loo with a smile.

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8. I Hate My Job

The classic humor where the toilet roll and toothbrushes have a conversation is the perfect choice for most homes and workplaces. The weary toothbrush telling the toilet roll, “I hate my job,” with a reply from the toilet roll, “Oh, Please,” says it all about who got it worse. This piece is a funny but helpful way to encourage people in a bad mood about their jobs that some people go through worse.

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9. Wash Your Hands

What are the rules of bathroom layout in your home or workplace? Do you have a minimum of 21 inches of space in front of a toilet or tub or at least 30 inches of clear floor space from the front edge of all fixtures? Well, whatever the standard rules are, washing your hands after using the toilet is a hygiene rule for everyone. Adding a sign with the words “Wash your hands seriously, don’t be gross” is a cheeky way to remind people to wash their hands after using the toilet.

10. Yeah, That Doesn’t Smell Like Roses

Having an art piece in a bathroom with the words “yeah, that doesn’t smell like roses” is a hilarious way to remind those that think their shit doesn’t stink. It’s a perfect art for those that appreciate a touch of humor. Featuring an eye-catching typo and a whimsical design, this sign will surely jazz up the ambiance of your restroom. And this text is far from what anyone will imagine reading in a bathroom. This sign is a reminder that laughter can be found in unexpected places.

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