15 Best Bathroom Paint Colors for 2024

For gold to work with purple, you need the right shade of purple. The smooth paneled walls add texture to the room but allow for some depth in the overall room…

Adding color to your bathroom walls can change the room’s atmosphere, whether you are aiming for a reto feel or a spa-like experience in your bathroom. Painting a wall and adding colored décor pieces like hand towels and flowers, you can transform the room to your personal taste and take relaxation to another realm of relaxation.

Pop of Modern Blue

The blue backdrop in this bathroom is captivating, and you cannot help but feel the beachy atmosphere of this bathroom. The feature is the blue wall your eyes are drawn to upon entering. The bright white sink is the perfect match to give people a satisfying visual pop. The chrome faucet, mirror, and light scones make the room look clean and add modern sophistication. The shade of blue used in this room captures the calm skies or deep blue ocean hues.

When Purple Meets Gold Bathroom Color Ideas

For gold to work with purple, you need the right shade of purple. The smooth paneled walls add texture to the room but allow for some depth in the overall room. The purple and gold together offer a striking contrast that combines so well it suddenly becomes the feature. The yellow flowers, the wooden toilet seat, and the vintage lighting give the room a homely cottage feel that is very hard to accomplish using purple tones.

A Heaven of Bright White Bathroom Colors

There are plenty of all-white bathroom color ideas, but stopping the white scheme from feeling too clinical and monotonous is essential. Adding texture to a white room is the perfect way to break it. This is where the wooden storage boxes come in. The wood draws the eye away from the white elements giving you a personal touch to this bathroom design without being too complicated. The light-bouncing fixtures, like the mirrors and window, gives this bathroom a sense of purity with a dash of elegance.

Beautifully Toned Bathroom With Grey Feature Wall

Featuring a relaxing light grey wall, this room has a neutral background that can be styled with different colors and textures for a soothing atmosphere. The grey is light-shaded, so the room appears open and not closed in as a darker grey would portray. A calming ambiance is perfect for relaxing in the hot water. Rustic décor and features add texture, while the wood tones in the towel ladder give the room calming feel, which is important for any bathroom.


Blue and White Half Wall Bathroom

A beautifully painted feature half wall with a smooth finish helps the dramatic shade of blue stand out. The wall has a visual impact as the wood frames sink into the blue, but the white brings it back out again. Silver tapware features with old-fashioned lights on the side of the mirror. White-tiled floor and walls give a clean look to the room. Given that white is the main color in this room, having a white tiled floor just adds a more seamless look.

A Solid Grey Bathroom Color

There are plenty of bathroom color ideas, but grey isn’t common and certainly not dark. Choosing the perfect shade when using grey is important. You need to choose one based on the color scheme in the room and what ambiance you want to achieve.

A mix of natural and artificial ighting in the room stops the room from feeling dim.
The grey is dark, but it has been balanced with the all-white features such as the door, sink, toilet, and mirror. The two different tiles on the wall and floor add texture which is lacking in the solid color.

A Bold and Dramatic Green Scene

Wow, what a splash of green this colored wall is. It has a slight retro feel to it with some vintage added in from the picture and the style of the basin. This feature wall adds some fresh elements of nature to the room to help give that relaxing feeling when taking a shower or a hot soak. Dark greens can feel overwhelming, so it is important to balance it with white door frames, colored hand towels, and a vivid hand basin.
A basic glass mirror keeps everything streamlined and looking more open.

Well, Hello to the Blue Bathroom

What a striking and bold effect this bathroom has with the strong use of dark blue. The paneled boards add texture and something nicer to look at than a solid wall. The gold features are elegant and work to separate the blue walls. A marble sink top decorated with fresh blooms helps create a welcoming enviroment. The wall lighting bounces off the blue walls and creates a nice ambient appearance.

Burnt Burgundy Panelled Walls

Dark purple walls compliment the stunning marble sink that is both modern and rustic. The wall panels give the room depth and allow the eyes to be drawn to the bold color. Small lights alongside the mirror offer enough lighting for the semi-darkened room. Paneled cabinets in wood tones add warmth to the room but also match the walls’ texture.

Fresh and Clean Bathroom Colors

This room has plenty of white, allowing the room to open up and give a feeling of purity and freshness. The wooden flooring against the white creates a beautiful spotlight on the olive-green wall. Beautifully rolled towels are simple but have a dramatic décor effect in the room. Mother tongue plan is the perfect shade of green to match the walls and the overall white room.

Pretty Boy in Blue Bathroom Colors

This lovely pale blue is the perfect tone for a bathroom but also has darkened waves that give grain and consistency to the bathroom. Dark lines around the frame and door add a bold feature, while the light shade and the sink become the room’s feature with their unique style. Warmth comes in with the flowers, wood tones, and right-proportioned mirror.


The colors you choose for your bathroom must be of your style but also match the room’s design and décor pieces. Your bathroom needs to feel relaxing and comfortable, which can be achieved using the right color palette, the right amount of light, and the room size.

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